GIG - Tom West  - Saturday, 4 September 2021 - 8pm-11pm

GIG - Tom West - Saturday, 4 September 2021 - 8pm-11pm

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Tom West launches his new album I'M LIVIN' at the Wesley Anne for a special show performing with a talented band featuring Annie SiegmannRyan Martin John & Kyrie Anderson.

On the new album Rolling Stone Australia says: “’s a showcase of resilience, with raw expression being shared through his powerful, relatable lyricism and warm, almost comforting performance style. A document created to accompany self-reflection and meditation, I’M LIVIN’ is truly special.”

Listen to I'M LIVIN' now: https:/

Tom West is a singer-songwriter whose distinctive, androgynous vocal style and propensity to write catchy, tender folk songs often embellished with ambitious arrangements and cinematic flair has drawn comparisons to the likes of Brian Aubert, Iron & Wine.

The record began life in a farmhouse on the top of a hill. Tom explains: "Some friends and I moved all the furniture out of the living room and set up a makeshift studio and spent a week recording and improvising a bunch of songs with a band." The record was eventually sent to Nashville based engineer Collin Pastore (Lucy Dacus) to finalise production of the album.

Combining alt-folk, country, rock and blues-tinged sensibilities throughout, I’m Livin’ showcases West’s unique ability to defy genre whilst also making each song feel immediately familiar and oozing with warmth. West’s vocal style feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Jake Bugg or The Tallest Man On Earth, whilst his intimate and reflective writing style mirrors that of Ray LaMontagne and Iron & Wine effortlessly.

Talking about the album, West explains, "this album is a very raw and instinctive expression. As I was creating it I wasn’t thinking practically or in a music business mindset. It was at a time when I was confused about where my music fit in the world, I was getting wracked by powerful, life changing events. As such, I feel like this album is a bit of a crazy hot mess but it’s one that I hope is cool. It’s a product of a series of really unique circumstances. From the top of the record to the bottom I’d love this album to be listened to as a whole, ideally on a long and meditative walk through the suburbs up the side of a hill to somewhere where you can get a view.”

“‘A Folk Singer From Outer Space’ somehow offers some soothing solace for the current, permeating state of loss and isolation.’ - American Songwriter

“**** With his unique voice, storytelling and folk sensibility he could pass for a modern-day Neil Young.” - Courier Mail

“One of the best albums of 2020” - Scenster

“His keening, androgynous voice - in an upper register that recalls Brian Aubert, frontman of Los Angeles indie rockers Silversun Pickups - is a joyously tuneful instrument, meshing with his finger-picked guitars, sprinklings of piano, bass and Ringo - like drums. West’s material … is consistently strong, with memorably melodic choruses…” - The Australian

“Tom’s latest cut is a poignantly earnest slice of indie-folk that is bound to pull at your heartstrings...creating a sound that is undeniably cinematic and powerful.” - The Vinyl District UK

“Tom West makes indie music that’s richly infused with place: it’s for the traveller stretching their limbs and conquering a hill, or swimming in a lake discovered by chance in the clearing of a forest.” - City Mag

"West’s voice is a robust tenor, endearingly nasal with just the right amount of soul, and one of the main pleasures of “Emiko” is hearing the way he stretches and plays with it throughout the song...there’s a natural glide to West’s tone and phrasing that makes it go down easy." - Two Story Melody