GIG - Access - Saturday, 26 June 2021 - 6pm-8pm

GIG - Access - Saturday, 26 June 2021 - 6pm-8pm

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Trio Access is a New Jazz ensemble showcasing the compositional and improvisational talents of members Luke Drohan (Piano), James Lockwood (Contrabass Guitar), and Paul Whitwood (Percussion). 

Collaboratively led, Access explores the unique timbral, harmonic, and musical possibilities created by the combination of piano, contrabass guitar, and percussion, creating dynamic, ensemble-led performances built from the musical contributions of each member.

Influenced by figures from throughout the jazz world (Joe Henderson, Keith Jarrett, Michel
Petrucciani, John Abercrombie) and beyond (Ravel, Michel Camilo, Bela Bartok) Access features the compositions of each of its members, emphasising collaborative improvisation to explore the unique harmonic and musical opportunities of original repertoire, as well as contemporary arrangements of Jazz, Bebop, and Post-Bop material.